2020 - A National Nursing Strategy: it’s time

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Jill White AM


Nurses, Midwives, Strategy, Healthcare, Policy


As we enter 2020 – the World Health Organization- appointed Year of the Nurse and Midwife, this issue’s guest editorial has been written by Professor Emeritus Jill White AM – Western Pacific Member of the Nursing Now Campaign Board. Professor White calls on nurses and midwives to use their significant electoral and political power and look beyond the professions to demonstrate evidence for their contributions to national and global health. Professor White also urges us to commit to establishing a National Nursing Strategy by the end of 2020, as a necessary and powerful tool for change. While the challenge of developing a National Nursing Strategy and raising the profile of nursing and midwifery to its much deserved place as a valued and optimally utilised workforce supporting health and healthcare in Australia may be daunting, it is time for nurses and midwives to take on this challenge.


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