COVID-19 - nurses and midwives impact on global security

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Marion Eckert


health security, nurse, midwife, pandemic


In the midst of the COVID-19 global pandemic the critical role nurses and midwives play has come to the fore. In a world beset by challenges on twin fronts of healthcare and economic stability, Nurses and Midwives are on the front line securing the health of citizens globally; a fact that could perhaps not be more pertinent in the World Health Organization designated Year of the Nurse and Midwife. A year that would of seen celebration and fanfare is now witnessing unprecedented unity from the community of the value nurses and midwives play in health security.  Whilst we know that the pandemic will pass, and that life will resume some normality, current challenges exist in preparing for the unknown that is life in the wake of COVID-19 whilst safely and professionally navigating this current time of great uncertainty. In all clouds however shines a silver lining, no coordinated media campaign could more clearly communicate the importance of the nurse and midwife, in particular the utterly crucial role these modern day heroes play in supporting humanity when many other systems fail.

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